2024 Monthly Newsletters

We are going to produce a monthly newsletter at the beginning of every month. Topics have been developed in-line with common local business issues that have been taken from a recent survey conducted in Northern Devon. We have also linked the newsletters with several events such as the Ilfracombe Business Expo and Big Green Week

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Water Stress

I was around in 1976, and the ancient chalk river Ver in my native St Albans completely dried up; you could walk along the cracked, fissured river bed, all the fish in the lakes in Verulamium Park were dead. It was shocking! We heard today that many species are currently being threatened due to rivers

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Energy Saving Week 2022

The great thing about energy saving is it also reduces your carbon footprint…oh and saves you money! Energy Saving Week runs from 17th-23rd October, further resources available from Citizens Advice Bureau and Energy Saving Trust. In business situations there are many things that can be done without the need for an official audit in order

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