The Sustainable Business Resource (SBR) is on a mission to support and encourage Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to improve sustainability throughout their business.


To directly contribute to helping improve and protect our environment.
To increase staff wellbeing, satisfaction, and retention.
To enhance business practice and save money.
To plan for the future and ensure continuity.  
To drive change through your business, and into the community.
We know that incremental individual change is not enough to create the societal shift needed to reduce the impact of climate change and other environmental challenges we face. The power and opportunity lies within how we do business within our communities, and recognising the true value of being a sustainable business. 
This is why the Sustainable Business Resource, as part of local environmental charity Plastic Free North Devon, is encouraging businesses here in North Devon to come on this journey with us. 


Simplifying the process of research and direction, we will take businesses through a ten-point plan to identify unsustainable practices and identify actions to improve this in all areas of their business.