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January 2024

What you can expect over 2024

We have shared a calendar of future newsletters that is accessible on our website @ thesbr.org.uk. It covers 16 of the  sustainable development goals to ensure a better community socially, environmentally, and economically. We will also be including engaging media to go along with this, every month there will be a webinar to discuss the monthly topic. This may include a speaker; it will run through our thoughts on the topic and will also leave time to answer questions. The topics are very broad, and we encourage an open forum not just what was covered in the newsletter. Furthermore, on some weeks we will release an informative video about the topic from an industry specialist and occasionally include an event we suggest trying to support, whilst giving you enough time to rally the troops and develop a plan to get involved. We would love to be sent information about your participation in these events so we can share stories and images of your great work at the end of the year!

Our vision for North Devon

After months of community involvement with different private, non-profit, and public sector stakeholders, it has become apparent that North Devon has some amazing things happening. There is so much potential for positive change within North Devon and it can be unlocked with a little more communication and community engagement. We believe that with some more collective action, we can greatly improve things such as opportunities for young people, well-being, inclusivity, development, training, and careers.

We had previously focussed our efforts last year (2023) on carbon reduction and the climate crisis, and although that is still very important, our goal for this year is helping people/businesses see and meet this potential whilst supporting and encouraging more collaborative projects.

Participate In CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a sustainable business model that actively encourages social equality while enhancing the environment. It can give benefits such as improving customer perceptions of your business, helping to retain employees, and is attractive to investors. CSR can be achieved in several ways, one of which we can help to devise a sustainability strategy for your company. You could also send employees on volunteering days, Plastic Free North Devon is a charity we work closely with who provide CSR day packages. Get in touch to find out how your business could get involved. There is also an opportunity to donate to your favourite social responsible charity. Although this is still a good option, several benefits, such as employee teamwork and mental health improvement, are lost with this method.

Things to look out for…

We have tailored our material around questionnaires submitted by businesses in North Devon and Torridge. Most businesses concerns were around supply chains, carbon, and social cohesion. We have prepared videos on supply chains and youth opportunities. At the bottom of the newsletter are some events and dates to add to your diaries. We will give more information and ideas about how you can get involved nearer the time.  

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